Jul i New Zealand

Just a few words from me to tell you guys that I am alive and still going strong! I am in Queenstown at the moment. The place that makes your heart pump and pump and pump. Both because it is quite a expensive place and of course since it is the adrenalin Capital in the world. I have been riding horses here, walking the glaciers, kayaking, paragliding, rafting and more is still to come! I can hopefulle show a few pictures if you are interested. I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Must admit that I do not have the right xmas-feeling myselfm but maybe you have? Xmas is as far away as it could possible be. Have booked myself a place in Dunedin that day. I heard that it is similar to Edinburgh. I can not wait too se it. But I am going to the Fiordland tomorrow. They say this is like Norway so it better be a beautiful day! The life here in "Middle earth" is just wonderful. I could have lived here forever. Took me a long time to like Australia but NZ is like home. Feelt homesick in Straya but not here. So I will enjoy the last three weeks that I have left in NZ. What happens when I get back to Straya? I do not know. Maybe I will buy another ticket for NZ? Have a beautiful day. I will e-mail you later. Rag:) <------- Not waiting for a white xmas this year

Dette er et reisebrev fra en av deltakere på vår Work & Travel Nya Zeeland program i 2004.

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